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Fake preachers

By , October 8, 2011

I came across another phony prophet today on TV.  I’m stunned.  I cannot believe that there are people taking this “pastor” seriously.  It’s almost like an SNL skit, it’s so lame.  It’s reminiscent of sister Sharon in that Elmer Gantry movie!  So, there’s a woman who calls herself “Pastor Dayna”.  She has a major affect of course, and a lot of mumbo jumbo to say.  She claims to heal the sick.  I’m truly saddened that people would trust a person like this.  I’m not sure how Dayna can live with herself.  This is appalling to me.  She even claims that her hands are like a doctor’s X-Ray machine!  She has crossed the line, and is practically giving medical diagnoses without a license. This is fraud in my opinion.  Then at the end of this video, she says she’ll send us a prayer stone, aka, a useless rock.

I’d hope that people could see through her act.  But there will always be naive people who are deceived and there will always be opportunist Bible thumpers that are willing to take money from the weak.  Please if you are reading this, understand that any honest person who cared about you, would never want your money and never play on your emotions with rhetoric and hokey music.

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